R&D Innovation

Research and Development

- Laser manipulation of fused quartz, fused silica, doped silica, borosilicate glasses, sapphire and YAG crystal.

- Standard raw materials are fused quartz and fused silica capillary, tubing and rod (some plate), silica optical fiber, YAG and Sapphire rods 


InnovaQuartz is proud to be back and delivering the highest quality laser machined quartz products in the world. Our Press2Fit quartz GC unions and splitters offer even better quality and reliability than the original that we patented and introduced you to through Restek and Agilent in the early 1990s. Our Y splitters and bent Y's offer lower dead volume and more precise split flow than any other product of the kind. In the era of tight budgets and a constant search for cost savings, we are here to help. Direct to consumer pricing is only the beginning of savings from using our products; their reliability and ease of use saves valuable laboratory hours.

Shortly, our whole range of analytical chemistry products will be available to purchase direct from the manufacture online at this web site. We're developing some exciting new technologies for analytical chemistry like quick connect, 100% transparent (no polymer) guard columns, fused quartz injection port liners for Agilent, Shimadzu, and Thermo GCs, hybrid septa, and SPME capillaries with high flow and high surface area. We even have an ultra compact fused silica capillary column (e.g. 5m in the size of an Agilent liner) that promises to improve mass transport in the mobile phase by orders of magnitude and enable simple and dynamic thermal gradient GC.

In optical fiber research, we are awaiting FDA approval for a new laser lithotripsy fiber design and a highly efficient lateral fiber for BPH.

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