What's Next in Fiber Optics for Urological Surgery?

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The fact that fiber optic technology for surgical lasers has steadily improved for two decades is largely due to InnovaQuartz' (IQ) research into fiber failure modes and strategies to overcome those weaknesses. Operating primarily in the background by providing unique solutions for established surgical laser companies, IQ has pushed back boundaries for the science of laser medicine in myriad fields, but none more authoritatively than Urological Surgery. Our patented products and proprietary technologies have blazed the path for others to follow --

  • We introduced the BlackHole™ High Power Connector in the 1990s
  • and enabled GreenLight™ laser power to  rise almost 5-fold  starting in the late 1990s
  • subsequently improving GreenLight fiber reliability 6-fold.


As the millennium turned and flexible scopes increased in their performance,

  • we produced the first true 200 micron holmium laser lithotripsy fiber (SureFlex™ 200, LLF200TG & AccuFlex™ 200)
  • and then, the first 150 micron (SureFlex 150, LLF150TG).


     IQ soon realized that "burn through" could be designed out of fibers, and

    • produced fibers with tolerance to bending under power with
    • advanced technology fiber optic draw towers making TEQS™ PowerFlex™ fiber, specifically designed for the challenges of holmium laser surgery.


      SureFlex Reusable was the first holmium fiber

      • validated for dozens of repeated autoclave sterilization cycles where
      • the fiber's identity was laser inscribed on the connector sleeve.


        IQ even led by improving indications for use, IFUs, and reprocessing tools, offering

        • autoclavable fiber strippers and cleaving stones designed for surgical fibers and
        • detailed instructions for preprocessing output tips and sterilization w/o damaging the fibers.




        IQ is pleased to say that we are raising quality and performance bars once again with --



          Pulsar™ HPC -- the next generation of BlackHole™ technology for laser surgery and

          Smooth Passage™ laser-shaped working tips that, combined, are only available on our own

          ProFlex™ LLF holmium laser lithotripsy fibers.

          ProFlex™ LDD is a truly scatter-free lateral delivery device (side fire fibers for ALL wavelengths) and

          ProFlex™ laser inscribed scoring wafers with metric rule and a QR Code link to detailed instructions (and soon videos).




              An early release of Pulsar HPC is already available on some 200 and 273 holmium laser fibers out of Europe, but for highest performance and reliability, IQ's ProFlex LLF is equipped with the very latest advancement (available May, 2015, patent pending).

              Over the next several weeks, as we roll these products out, IQ's founder, Stephen Griffin -- my friend, colleague and the author of a dozen fundamental patents in fiber optics for urological surgery -- will be posting on the subjects of


              • high power connectors
              • "burn through"
              • tip degradation
              • side fire scatter and
              • cap erosion

              for those who's interests include the technology behind high performance.



              Thanks for reading,


              Brian Barr, President 



              (Note, IQ's new laser surgical products are patent pending and trademarks are the property of InnovaQuartz LLC)





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