Stephen's 25th Patent is Allowed by USPTO

Patent number 25 has been allowed. I call it the "Halo" (that's trademarked). It emits a ring of light from the tip, at 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis. It'll be used in endovenous surgery to clear clogged peripheral veins, first, the arteries and, as we gain experience with it and shrink the size, it'll find utility in laser angioplasty with thulium laser energy.

No more "cracking" stenoses with balloons and ripping the arterial wall. Nope, won't need most stents anymore, either. That'll save a boat load of money for a lot of people and give them longer and more active lives. And I'll get really, insanely rich. But that's a couple years out. For now, Stuart Watson has proven that we can build the things at 6 French, so it's about time I got to writing the FDA premarket notification...yuck.

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