Our ProFlex var. Trimedyne Will make you a Fan!

Fiber Holmium Fiber Laser Lasersafe OmniPulse Optifiber Scopesafe Trimedyne

It has come to our attention that holmium fibers for Trimedyne lasers are in short supply. We are happy to step in and serve this unmet need. You should have switched long ago to save blast shields...

Our ProFlex LLF var. Trimedyne  offers five sizes (true 200, 273, 365, 550 and 910) featuring IQ's Pulsar HPC connector and Smooth Passage tips.

Our true 200 is the only Trimedyne compatible fiber capable of reaching lower pole stones because it does not interfere with scope deflection what-so-ever. As a bonus, it delivers more laser power than others' larger core fibers(rated at 25W maximum).

Our 273 is rated at 50W...

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