Introducing Aurora™ SMA Laser Fibers for Aura™ KTP Lasers



The latest addition to the ProFlex® laser fiber product family is Aurora™ SMA, laser fibers for the Aura™ KTP lasers equipped with an SMA adapter. Aurora SMA is available in two high performance sizes: 365μm core and 550μm core featuring IQ’s patented Pulsar™ HPC high power collimation technology.

100% of customers who have bought Aurora have reported “greater than 100%” transmission efficiency. Of course, this is not possible, but when compared with “reference fibers” from another vendor, Aurora consistently outperforms.

Contact InnovaQuartz® today for pricing or for a sample ProFlex® Aurora™ laser fiber: or toll free at 866-ProFlex.


Aura is a trademark of American Medical Systems.

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