Fused Quartz Inlet Liners Patent Application Filed

InnovaQuartz has filed a US patent for a novel line of injection port liners that will be made from fused quartz. In research for reducing the laser power and machine time for producing Agilent split/splitless port compatible, direct connect liners in quartz, Jason Guth, Ph.D. (IQ VP for R&D) found a whole new way of approaching liner production that yields far higher precision and accuracy in critical dimensions in ALL liner styles, even straight tube liners.

All of these new liners will be made in quartz that is deactivated by SilcoTek’s Siltek™ and almost all of them will be available with hermetically sealed thermochromic indicators (no increase in activity/reactivity).

A bit more work will be required before IQ offers this liner series for sale, but in 2016 you will be able to purchase the following HP 5890 / Agilent 6890 compatible liners.


Direct Connect ZenLiner


4mm straight tube

2mm straight tube

2mm straight tube, temperature indicating

Single taper (gooseneck)

Single taper, temperature indicating

Dual taper (gooseneck)

Dual taper, temperature indicating

Direct connect, high vent

Direct connect, high vent, temperature indicating

Direct connect, low vent

Direct connect, low vent, temperature indicating

Taper with direct connect

Taper with direct connect, temperature indicating

Taper with Diamondback™ splitter (our improvement to Restek’s Cyclosplitter™)

Taper with Diamondback splitter, temperature indicating

Single ZenVent™ (coaxially vented single taper)

Single ZenVent™, temperature indicating

Dual ZenVent

Dual ZenVent, temperature indicating

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